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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My Journey Starts Here

>>>Was one of my usual styles (round brush and blow dryer)

Another usual style (wash and go, or even more likely... wash and go pony tail)

Hello, my name is Lakia. I have been researching sisterlocks for a little over a year now. I remember the first time that I saw someone with them. I was dancing with a dance company last year, and one of the younger student's mom had the most beautiful golden locs. I asked her how did they get them that small. That's when she told me that she was wearing sisterlocks. I had expressed to her that I always admired locs in general. My hair is natural and has a wavy curl to it. I asked her for her consultants information and made my appointment for my consultation immediately. So I went to the consultation and got one loc put in the back of my head. I never had my hair actually measured, and it was a whole 14' inches. WOW!!! So you know that I was going to be charged an arm and a leg.

However I did promise my big sister that I would wait until after her wedding to get them done. So after a month, I cut the beautiful loc out of my hair because I usually go to my Dominican Sistahs to get my mop blown out. I was amazed at how that one loc grew tremendously.

Anyway, I lost the consultants name and number over time but found another fabulous one. She is great! Even though my hair is long she's not going to charge me a lot because my head is small. That God for my pea head! She has placed two locs in my hair and I can't stop playing with them. I will be getting them done October 8,9, and 10th 2007. A whole 3 days. My sister will be getting married this Saturday, and its on and poppin from there.

Some people think I am crazy for wanting to loc my hair. As I tell everyone, I can not seem to find anything to do with my hair. It is forever in a curly bushy ponytail, or blown strait. I only have two choices here people. With the sisterlocks, I can enjoy the versatility and the love of being natural, which is what I am already.

Even my mom complains about me not perming my hair. Perm my hair for what, so that it will fall out!