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Monday, October 31, 2011

loving her locks & Bundling...

I am loving her locks, she is adhering to my advice, and doing everything that she is suppose to be doing to these lovely baby locks...


On a side note...I can not stress the importance of Bundling your locks. Bundling is a requirement in the early stages of sisterlocks. Bundling will reduce the amount of slippage, and unraveling to your locks. Two of my clients had this serious issue this weekend. Everytime I would ask have you bundled your locks, and the response is always NO...

Last night I felt like it was an install all over again, on 10 week old locks. I have a salon sink and I include washing in my price, but some like to do it on their own. I can understand wanting to wash your hair when you feel that it needs to be washed, but bundling is something that I point out at the consultation, the locking session and retightenings.

So if you are interested in sisterlocks, you have to be willing and able to listen to your consultant. Your consultant can help you in making sure your locks settle. So for everyone out there in blogger land.... BUNDLE YOUR BABY LOCKS!!!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

4 years!

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On Monday my locks turned 4 years old. I wish I had pics but I still have to finish retightening my hair. Thanks. Ms. Sharrone for giving me my locks.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Qualified to do sisterlocks??? 6th Install

This is really a two part post. First I want to chime in on the fact that not everyone that say they "do sisterlocks" does sisterlocks (TM). My new client came to me after she had what she thought was sisterlocks.

When getting sisterlocks, or even thinking about sisterlocks... we must always do our RESEARCH! And I can not express the fact that the sisterlocks Web site is the first place to go to do your research. A certified consultant or qualified trainee can be found on the site, and there are a lot of pictures and even a Q and A.

My 6th install was actaully a referral from another client that I installed. The young lady had these installed in Jamaica in August. She is also transitioning from a perm.

She took down what was in her hair, and I then worked my magic on the two day install. I cut 1/2 inch of perm off, and hope to transition her within the next two to three months. Some of the hair on her sides were broken off from perms and braids, if this is temporary hair loss, I will then lock the hair as time passes. I will be posting a lot on this client to show her progress over time. I even did a roller set for her to give it some style!

Below are before and after photos...