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Monday, May 26, 2008

Styling Braidlocks

One of my easiest styles for her is to just braid it and use perm rods on the ends for a curl. Did I mention how much shrinkage this child has! Anyway, she is loving her braidlocks, and they are good to stay until she decides otherwise. I still have to learn how to retighten her. Thats another saga! Enjoy!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Had A Great Time!

E. Badu and the Roots @ Constitution Hall Washington, DC!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

5th Retightening... 7 Months Locked

Wow! I waited 8 weeks to get my hair done. It was done in 4 hours so I can't beat that. I guess that is also why I have been feeling a little camera shy. I just love it when my hair is freshly tightened, it feels like weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Oh, and happy 7 months to me. Pretty soon it will be a year, my hair is maturing very well. Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hooray For Braidlocks

O.K., I did it. It took 13.5 hours over a course of a week, but they are finally in. I am proud to say my "Minnie Me" has officially been locked. Her locversary is May 04, 2008. She is loving her locks. I even soft spiked them after I washed them. Now she is able to wear her hair out, and it can be flowing and free. I guess that is why I never put my locks in a ponytail. It feels so good to wear you hair out without worrying if the humidity will give you a Shaka Khan or Diana Ross effect. Daddy and I came with an agreement too, we told her that she can wear her hair this way as long as she likes. Since they are braids it will be easier to take down. Oh did I mention they are micro. So she is loving her micro-braidlocks. The only thing I have to worry about is retightening, I have no clue how to do it. There is a sisterlocks retightening class in June and I think I need to jump on it. I don't plan on doing my own hair until after December so I will continue to see my consultant. So I just have to worry about hers. I think I am going to put her on the same retightening schedule that I am on which is every 6 weeks.
More pics to follow.