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Monday, February 27, 2012

Customized Sun Kisses

I was at the post office mailing out sun kisses, and I had to take a picture of this Sun Kiss before mailing her out. The young lady requested the skin tone, lip color, leggings,T-shirt saying, hair color, and she also wanted the doll to have bangs since her sisterlocks has bangs. I thought it was too cute and had to share before mailing it out.
Customize your own... I have a custom Sun Kiss options on ETSY:

Here is a picture of a fresh retight and styling that I did last week. I think she is my install number 8. March I will be working on installs 11 and 12, and 13. Needless to say, March will be a busy month for me. ENJOY!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Random updates

Going into the fifth week of the semester, so far so good. I am able to keep up and submit my assignments (Thank goodness). How was your Valentines Day??? Mine was awesome. I heard a band play, and went to a nice restaurant for dinner. LMBO, It was actually my sons 5Th grade recital. He did awesome! Then we all went out to eat at Denny's, my husband and I had our own table and we told the kids don't disturb us because we were on a date. Added bonus: Tuesday nights kids eat FREE
All in all, best Valentines Day ever. This weekend I did some lock extensions, before and after pics below. I took a lot of the before pictures, but by time I was finished I forgot all about the camera. My client was nice enough to take some after shots with his cell phone. I love to document my work, but sometimes I get so busy that the camera is the last thing on my mind.

Here is also a quick snap shot of install number 10 at her follow up. I had just freshly washed her hair and re-tightened her parameter. her locks look like the will settle in nicely, actually she comes back this weekend for her first full re-tightening.

I finally got around to completely splitting one of my locks. I had accidentally combined one of my locks (don't remember when) but this past July I began the splitting process. The combined lock was feeling so annoying everytime that I tightened my hair, it had to go.

Notice how fast my hair grows, this was only new growth from July.

DISCLAIMER: Lakia believes Sisterlocks (tm) will allow your hair to grow :)

Thanks everyone who had made special orders for Sun Kisses. If you are interested in having one especially made, send me an e-mail to Please put Sun Kisses in the subject line. I can make them with your hair color and skin toned in mind, you can even have their little T-shirts personalized. They go great in your salon, a gift to yourself or even a little lady that you have in mind... my two year old runs around with hers.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Business is GRR-EAT!!

In my Tony the Tiger voice. I think I have been doing well these couple of months. God has truly blessed me and my business. I just can't complain. I work full time, and I am doing locks part-time. I love every bit of what I do between 9-5, and locking on the weekend and evenings. A lot of people have asked me if I would consider doing Sisterlocks (tm) full time. For now my answer is no.
(LMBO, no I do not fly helicopters). Besides, I got to do a million things at once, if not I will go crazy. Let's just say I am the QUEEN of multitasking...

Despite it all I have plenty of family time, and I am still taking Graduate courses.

Here is a snap shot of the promotion that I am currently running. I love Sisterlocks (tm), but I also do lock extensions. This is a view of the front and back of my postcard. Currently I am offering $30.00 off the first re-tightening (applies to new lock establishments) or 10% off lock extensions services. I have been running this since New Years and it ends at the end of February.

If you or someone you know wants to start their natural hair care journey... check me out Oh and by the way, more Sun Kisses are for sale on ETSY.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Bonding at the Sisterlocks Explosion

My daughter and I made it back from the Sisterlocks Explosion on Sunday night. Talk about someone that is tired, because I had to be in training 8am the next morning. Anywho! I had a great 3 days bonding experience with my daughter and we worked hard on making the "Sun Kisses".

The Sisterlocks Explosion was on this past Saturday, and we had the whole day on Sunday to explore Georgia. We ended up at the aquarium, Coca Cola factory and the mall.

I got to meet some fellow bloggers in person, which is always a joy!

Everyone has been asking how was the event. Pictures can say a thousand words, so I will just post pics of the Explosion, and you be the judge! FYI some of the Sun Kisses that I have left have been posted to ETSY. Do a search for "lakialocs".


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Recovering from an OMG weekend!

God is good! My daughter had eye surgery this weekend that was a complete success, and my brother in law went into a coma Sunday, and today he woke up out of it. I can't express it enough... OMG (oh, my GOD is good all the time).

Meanwhile, it is 3:30 AM and I have been pulling all nighters to prepare for the Sisterlocks Explosion event in Atlanta, GA. My daughter and I will be flying down Friday night. I have been working on these 18 inch dolls with small locks. They are truly unique, they all have different hair, since most of us like to dye our locks. They also come in different shades of brown. I call them my "Sun Kisses", because they have been KISSED BY THE SUN.
They come sassy leggings and with their own personalized T-shirt too!

I will also be selling them on ETSY when we come back. So much to do, and so little time. I hope to see most of my ATL crew once I get down there.