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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I had my first hair check up

My consultant said that my hair is doing very well!! No slippage!! She was even more surprised to hear that I had already washed my hair twice since being locked. I am seeing if I can make it a full two weeks without washing my hair. My scalp isn't as itchy since I tried my sisterlock starter / Treseme experiment. Now that worked great.

I recounted my locks again this week, I have 378 +/- and not 315 +/- locks, when I counted them the first time I wrote down how many were in each bundle, I guess I forgot to record a bundle. OOPS!

I also got to see my consultant in action retightening one of her clients. The client wasn't fully locked, she might have been settled. It's amazing to see how each sisterlocked sisters hair textures reacts differently to the sisterlocks. For instance my hair is naturally wavy/curly so that is exactly what my hair is doing now even with the sisterlocks.

My weekend was so relaxing. The family was gone. They went to South Carolina for the Family Reunion. I wanted to go so bad this year, and would have gone too. We normally leave to go in the evening, well at the last minute they decided to depart in the morning. My husband never told me of the schedule changes, so I had already taken off the weekend for my second job, but was still scheduled to come into work at my first job, see my dilemma... I thought I was going to party all weekend, but I needed a relaxing atmosphere and there is no place like home.

I got done some needed fall cleaning, and even took the cats a bath. Per the previous post, did you guess what I did, the very thing us Marylanders love to enjoy...CRABS. Saturday I got a half bushel of crabs and they were yummy! I watched some movies and stayed in the bed.

I just feel so refreshed!

Monday, October 29, 2007

What I am currently reading...

The souls of black folks, by W.E.B Du Bois. This book comes in so many different book covers. Here is a copy of the one that I am currently reading. I particularly like this one because it depicts a black family during that time in history. To me this picture is a perfect example of the "two-ness" that Du Bois writes about in his essay:

"One ever feels his two-ness,—an American, a Negro; two souls, two thoughts, two unreconciled strivings; two warring ideals in one dark body, whose dogged strength alone keeps it from being torn asunder."

I planned on finishing the book while my family was out of town this weekend, instead I got much needed rest and did some fall cleaning.

This weekend I also did what us Marylanders are well known to do...Can you guess? Pic's will be in the next post.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Just for fun

How to make a lakia

1 part jealousy

5 parts brilliance

3 parts joy
Layer ingredientes in a shot glass. Serve with a slice of sadness and a pinch of salt. Yum!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Second wash

For the first wash I braided my hair in about 6-8 braids, and banded them together. To band them I had used the rubber bands in my starter kit. I knew that for my second wash I desperately needed a new routine. So I braided and banded my hair it four large braids and I was determined not to use those pesky rubber bands ever again. I can't think of the proper name of the bands I used on my head, but you can see below.

Also, I used my treseme shampoo on my scalp, and used the sisterlock starter shampoo on the braids. Cause the first time I used the sisterlock shampoo, my scalp was so itchy. Less itch now. The treseme that I used is a clarifying shampoo, nice and clear to remove residue and build up.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mahogany or black (part two)

Well needless to say, I did not dye my hair before getting my locks. I just could not decide for the life of me. Anywho, I am loving my hair. I am not styling it per se, mostly I have it free styled or I would put the top half in a loose ponytail and leave the bottom half hanging out. I spritz my hair every morning with water. I have three spritzing bottles, which thus far I have found this to be very helpful.

1. bottle with water and an essential oil.
2. bottle with plain water
3. bottle with water and Witch Hazel.

All in all, I try to keep my hair clean.

The ends of my hair are so curly, but I can see some of the curls drawing up and getting a little tighter. My hair is also very elastic, its only hitting my shoulder right now. But when I pull one of my babies straight, then it hits my bra line (there's all that length, I've been looking for you.) Actually I like the fact that it looks shorter, less hair to worry about right now.

No slippage ladies!! Hooray for me. I am suppose to see my consultant in a week. She wants to just check and see how my hair is holding up. I have to send her some pics, I also want to direct her to my blog.

More pictures to come. I bought me some new earrings to compliment my hair... thinking I'm all cute. Hee Hee.

The hubby is still loving the hair. He keep saying that he is going to grow some locks, but that's not the first time I heard that from him. Just got to wait and see.

Week one has been great. My big sis is dying to see my hair, so is my mom. I will try to make it over both of their houses this weekend. I just been so busy.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

My mastercard commercial

Sisterlocks Consultation..... $25.00

Sisterlocks Installation...... $800.00

Not ever having to comb my mop again ....


There are somethings that money can't buy... for everything else there is MasterCard.

OMG who new shampooing would be so easy

OMG, I washed my hair today with my freshly new locks. Let me tell you... on the weekend I gets no sleep. Today I was able to go home before going to my other job, and I wanted to wash my hair. So during my long car ride home, I braided and banded my hair. I counted my locks and I have roughly 315 locks. Not bad for a pea head.

I used the sisterlocks shampoo, squeezed dried from top to bottom, wrapped a towel around my head, took out the braid, finger comb while using the blow dryer. Then I was done!

I did all of that in 15 minutes! Say what.... not my normal 2.5 to 3 hours. I even made a head wrap to rock my locks in and went to sleep. I should have taken pictures, but it all went so fast! LOL!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

3 day experience...

I just been freshly locked. My sisterlocks installation took 3 days which was a total of 24 hours. A number "4" pattern was used on my head. My consultant will use a reverse 4 if she finds that my hair will have a lot of slippage. My consultant said that I was the longest hair that she has locked. Whoa! I felt like I was on vacation, I work so much... I never have time for just me. So the whole time I relaxed in my consultants chair. Watched TV and slept, it was a very peaceful and calming experience.
Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

This style was obtained by cornrowing the hair back and small rods on the ends for a curl. It felt good waking up in the morning running my fingers through my hair and straight out the door.

The hubby is loving the hair, I keep catching glimpses of him looking at me and smiling. That makes me feel good, because brotherman was kinda' worry when I told him that I was going to lock my hair. I can't wait to continue this journey. Today I am feeling very confident about my new look. I know locking is a patient process, and I am curious to see how my hair reacts to the sisterlocks. Staytuned for more photos to come

Sunday, October 7, 2007

final wash

Below is a pic of the last time I washed my loose hair, tomorrow is sisterlocking day 1


When I was in high school I started modeling at the age of 14. I have been in runway shows and have posed for photographers.

I lead such a busy life that I can never get seriously into it. One of my initial concerns that I had was "will I ever continue once I get my locks in"... Yeah, why not, once my locks set in I will definitely continue with it. Modeling has always been a passion of mines, just like dance. Life is too short, and I want to do it all !
*** Photo Credits - Keston Duke 2007

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Mahogany or black?

Mahogany or black? I want to color my hair, usually its black... well it has been black for atleast for 6 months. I can see some reddish brown in my hair from the summer time sun rays. When my hair is black, I like it to be pitch black and nothing in between. I was also thinking that because I am getting my locks, my hair will naturally lighten, so... what about a brown. I was in the beauty supply store, yet again (second day in row), and saw a mahogany henna and bought it.
Since this past Sunday my hair has been in a pony tail without anything in it, just streaky clean because I have not decided what color to dye my hair or if I should dye it at all. It may sound silly but this is a very very hard decision for me to make. Stay tuned to see what I decide....

Saying Goodbye

I have virtually 4 days left before my sisterlocks installation. I have decided to rummage through what I call my "hair box".

My hair box is filled with all types of hair oils, carrot oils, vitamin E oils, tea tree oils, olive oils all natural herbal oils, just about ever type of oil that I could find in the beauty supply store, I needed these so that I could wear my hair naturally curly longer without having to wash my hair everyday. My hair tends to dry easily, my hair will matt-up with a quickness!

I also have thousands of rollers for when I blow my hair out. Flexi rollers, and a million metal clamps. I have a lot of setting lotions, and blue magic grease, ya know, the dollar store grease. I grew up using this stuff and I now use it on my daughters head.

I have done my research, I know that I can not use petroleum, pomade's, or mineral oil on my locks, which will cause them to unravel. I have been doing a lot of sisterlocks homework!

Most of this stuff will be donated to my daughter for her hair and to her beloved dolls. It is a good and charitable cause.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


I think my husband has finally accepted the fact that I am getting my locks put in on Monday. At first he did not accept the idea, but he knows that I am very strong minded and he will embrace my change. I feel better about getting them now with his blessings.

For years I have been wanting him to lock his hair. I love my baby and to me, he is drop dead gorgeous. I have started locks on his head maybe 3 times out the 11 years we have been together, and each time he washes them out.

I told him about brotherlocks, and he sounds so interested in them. I'm going to show him some pictures of them. He also sings, I think locks will do great for his image.