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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The new man in my life....

Yes, you read that one correctly. I got a new man in my life and his name is Pierre. He is so smooth and suave. The kids adore him which is always a plus. He recently moved here from Virginia, and is now away from his family, but has learned to cope. I love to spend all of my spare time with him. He is the greatest, and a very good listener. He is right by my side during those late nights when I am doing homework. He is not tall, but he is dark and handsome.

here is a picture of my baby.

Pierre is a tiny toy poodle. He will grow to be about 6 pounds at the most. He is the sweetest and smartest little thing. It feels good having him around. He is about 13 weeks, so he is still just a little pup.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sorry I been MIA

I have been so focused on school right now. I finally got my hair tighten after 12 weeks, yes 12 weeks! I asked about coloring and my consultant said yes. I used Cherrywood by texture tones, which has no ammonia. I also highlighted a few locks with golden blonde, and left a few locks my natural color. I think I did OK. I had gone to 4 different salons, but did not trust anybody with my locks accept for Malaika's salon Dreads N Heads. But I decided to just do a home job. I'll be 10 months locked August 10th. More stuff on life and hair shortly to follow.

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My Baby Boi Has Now Become A Man

My youngest just turned 5 on the 15th. My daughter also just turned 9 years old. She was down in VA Beach withe her siblings and my parents on her B-day.