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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Shock of My Life....

Lawdy, Lawdy, Lawdy. Well I know that God is not going to give me more that what I can bare. So acceptance is where I am at with this. Well, that man done did it again. My antennas went up when I asked him one day did he want anything from the store. He replied, "Can you bring me back some butter pecan ice cream". Of course I said, "Why the hell do you want butter pecan." In a very nervous and paranoid voice. He was just unsure why. At that very moment I knew something was up. So here we were, waiting, an waiting, and it never came. I thought I would get all technological and buy a digital one this time around. Since to me they are new on the market. On Friday April 18, 2008, I did it, I took the test, and dammit do you know what it said. "Oh Hell" was my first reaction, and off to work I went. I left early on Friday too. My hubby was home and I thought it was nice to spend the day together. We sat around watched some TV, I threw a couple of subtle hints in there, and finally he figured it out. I showed him the little stick, and all he can say is "I want a girl". What I said was , "what you need is to get neutered". Stick a fork in me cause I am done.

On Monday morning I went to get a blood test, and the blood test confirmed it for me. The kids are super excited, and I am just trying to get through the acceptance phase. Now when I am prego, I can be a real B%&*# so he knows to watch out for me. The heat in the summer, oh my goodness.

I am sure my hair is going to grow like weeds, and no more splurging at the MAC counter for me. This will make baby #4. Now I think I might have spent just too much time out of my adult life pregnant. Not including this baby, I have already spent 27 months pregnant. WHOA! I think I am about 6 to 7 weeks. It's going to be a Christmas baby. Thank goodness, I can celebrate christmas and b-day together. The boys want another brother, and my daughter wants a sister. I wouldn't mind having another girl too.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Love, Locks, and Natural Hair Expo

I made it out to the Expo today. Me and my minnie me went. We caught the tail end of the expo which included the hair and fashion show. It was a nice event. I was even more surprised when women were coming up to me and asking me if I was Lakia. I felt like a 2 second movie star. Also with a whole lot of patience, I finally learned how to do a simple loc updo. I have been rocking it off and on all week. It is starting to really warm up around here. Having locs on my neck is really not working for me right now. I am constantly hot. Which me being hot right now is not just from the locs. I bet you can guess why. But I'll blog about that one next time. Here are a few pics.

What I like most about this style... It is so easy to do. I parted my locks from ear to ear. I flat twisted the front with 6 flat twist, and used a rubber band on each twist so that they would not come a loose. For the back section I made a basket weave, and I stuffed my 378 +/- lockes into a bun, and used a hair net to hold them in. Secure with pins and I was done!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I Almost Did It ;)

I was tempted two weeks ago. I took Friday off and had a 3 day weekend from my 1st job. On On that friday I told my daughter that we was gonna take out her cornrows and wash her hair, and do it up again. She does her normal cry out "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO". She then goes on to say that she hates having to get her hair done every two weeks. By accident I slipped up and said, "well if you had your hair like mines, then we wouldn't have to do it until every 6 weeks". She then said, "well I want my hair like yours". I'm saying to myself naughty, naughty mommy. It was by impulse only that she made that comment. Well, we get started on her hair and she asked if it could be put in 4 ponytails, of course I was like No, it's not gonna last. She said you gonna do it like yours then, I explained to her that my hair doesn't come out, and that we was gonna cornrow it again. Boy, I tell yah... sho nuff was about to part her hair in section and put in some braidloc's. As if my husband would have let me do it. My Minnie Me has got to want them, I mean really want them for me to do them for her. I had a conversation about braidlocks with "Superwoman" AKA my consultant. She gave me good advice, one being this... as her mother, I shouldn't be afraid to do for her hair what I would do for mine. I will keep that in mind, meanwhile.... baby girl better not tempt me again. LOL!

Friday, April 11, 2008

6 months locked... epiphany

It's official, April 10,th, I am now 6 mos locked. I think I have come along ways. I also feel as though I have a long ways to go. I had to dig deep in the virtual photo album and I found a hideous picture of day 1. I love the way my hair has plumped since then.


I reached my own personal conclusion about hair coloring. Now this is my own opinion, and by far I am not an expert. I know that while my hair is locking, it will react the same way as when it was loose. My hair was wavy and curly in its loose state and it is now wavy and curly. When I use to dye my hair it made it weak and brittle, it may just do the same. The only hair color that really worked for me was when I dyed it black. I used to love dying my hair the strawberry blonds, and bronzes and golds. But within a few months it became extremely dry and weak. Despite knowing the results, I would still dye my hair these colors. So I am not going to do the same thing to my locks. I like my natural hair color. I am not in love with my natural hair color, but it suits me. I thought that I might dye my locks once they have matured, but there is nothing wrong with the color of my hair now. I am also the type of person who likes my hair to be black. Not black with a dirty red tint. So that may be my only weakness to want to dye my hair black. At the ends of my hair you can see a slight dirty red tint. I think this is because the ends were golden and then I threw a black dye over it, and it is showing through. So I may just end up cutting those ends of in the future.

I also am learning that each of us have differences with our locks. Some may be able to color their hair with no problem, and some may experience problems. Just like some individuals lock faster, or some may have super growth spurts within each retightening. Our locks are have differences, what may work for you may not work for me.
****Day 1

****6 Mos.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

3rd Annual DC's Love, Locs & Natural Hair Expo

3rd Annual DC's Love, Locs & Natural Hair Expo

THEARC, Washington DC
April 19th, 2008
12pm - 6pm

ADMISSION: Adults $5/
Children Under 5yrs FREE

Will you be there? I will....

There will be entertainment, workshops, and Vendors, Vendors, and more Vendors. See the above link for more details.

Friday, April 4, 2008

The Mail Is Here!!

Oh man oh man, DH opened the mail today, and they are here. No not another Tomoka or a hair tie (I wish). My Erykah Badu concert tickets are here. Ya just don't know how in love I am with her an her music. Seeing the Roots is another added benefit. I bought the tickets as soon as they were available for sale, just like how I did her new album on February 26. The concert is in May, and it's only the beginning of April, I am already mapping out how I am going to have my hair and make up. I gotta try a cute lochawk. One of the greatest things I like about her is that she is true to herself. Amen on that one!
Oh the younger boy saw me with the camera and decided to take advantage of a photo Op.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

At Peace... Truly Happy

Yah know... I am really digging these sisterlocks. For once I am feeling making peace with my hair. I don't have to worry about getting my hair blown out no more. Which was a style that I loved but found that it only really worked for me in the winter months. Having my hair blown out in the summer was just a waste of time and money for a style that only lasted two to three days, then back in a pony tail. I remember I had a job interview about this time last year. I washed my hair, rolled it, blew it out, and then followed up with a flat iron. I was looking like Shaka Khan by the time I got to the interview. I am glad I got there early, I had time to go to the bathroom and brush my hair in a pony tail before the interview.

Sometimes I do miss my loose hair. There is a young lady who sometimes catches my train. I know she be like what is the B*&^% staring at me so hard. Her puff ball pony tail is so pretty and reminds me of mines. Then, a goodole handinhairitis takes care of that.

I feel good about my decision to lock my hair, I am enjoying every stage of this journey thus far. Next week will be 6 months locked. I can't believe how time is flying. That's half of a year. I can't wait to see how my hair progresses during the summer.
I will continue to have "Superwoman" take care and nutrure my locks. My locks are still babies and babies needs someone with experience to take care of them. All of my appointments are booked up until December 2008.

I love the feeling that I get in the morning, the feeling that even though my hair is a little fuzzy, and a may have a little bed head thing going on, I am happy knowing that my sisterlocks look great.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I knew when I saw Carmen wearing this Tomoka Twist that I had to get it. Atlantis is even more beautiful in person. This Tomoka is ideal for the spring and summer, so it came right on time. I know those of you who have purchased it is enjoying it as much as I am. So Carmen, you keep doing your thing girl... If you make it, they will buy it! Work it Ma!