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Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I was at Borders today and found this book called "Queens". The Arthur's of this book are Michael Cunningham and George Alexander. It is a book that depicts "portraits of black women and their fabulous hair". This book is almost like the books "Dreads", full of pictures and personal narratives. I highly recommend this book to any woman or girl that has insecurities about their hair, afraid of self expression, or who feels as though their appearance has to conform with society. Well I am going to continue on reading this marvelous book with all of its pictures.... Meanwhile, I am still counting down, two more weeks until I get my sisterlocks installed. I am trying to complete my audit reports for the month of September early so that I can be care free this up and coming October 8th, 9th, and 10th.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

It's, my birthday

I have had mixed feelings about turning 27. I am glad that it is my birthday, but at the same time I feel as if I did not live 26 to the fullest. I wish I can press rewind and turn 26 again. I can't believe that I am close to turning 30. I mean 30, the big 3-0. I used to think it was an insult for people to mistaken me for 16, they would think that my children are my younger siblings. Now I guess it I can take it as a compliment.

At the age of 27, I am going to turn over a new leaf. I've decided not to put up with nonsense, and not allow anyone to try to take me out of my character. 27 will be my year, 7 is a number of completion, and so it shall be.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Death to the starter locks

OK,... yesterday I went to get my hair blown out for the last time and my birthday is tomorrow (happy birthday to me!). I normally go to this Dominican place in Silver Spring, those girls know how to work a round brush.

I had my two starter locks in and they were forming fine, I even had a lot of new growth. They were just put in on August 18th.

When I went to get shampooed, I show the shampooer the locks so that she would not comb it. She said OK, and started combing it any way. GRRRR. I had to constantly tell her to stop! Then I went to get my rollers put in, I showed her too, and told her do not comb it out, just roll it in with the rollers. She said OK, then she took this fine tooth comb and kept combing them. I told her not to, and that I was suppose to keep them in, she says OK, and started combing again. I kept telling her that I want to keep them for my locks, she then said that it was a knots in my hair and proceeded to comb. At this point I had to brace myself from not knocking her out. She said that dreads will damage my hair and my hair was too pretty for them, by this time she had the first one out. She then said that she will stop combing them.

I took a look at my hair when I got home and there is one half of a lock left. This lady ripped my hair out of my head, you can see the hair from where it came out from the root. The side of my head is aching like all hell.

This experience has helped me reaffirm that I definitely want to have my sisterlocks. She was blasting that dreads will ruin my hair, but yet for a simple wash and set, this lady has ripped my hair out from the root, now that is damage. October 8, 9, and 10 HERE I COME!!

Monday, September 17, 2007

3 weeks and counting

OK, I am at 3 weeks and counting. I am still excited and still nervous, I have a lot of emotions running through me. On another note, I was asked a very good question this weekend... "Would I let my daughter get sisterlocks as well?"
My daughter went with me last year when I had my first consultation. She also went with me this year. I normally keep her hair in cornrows, two strand twists, and in just your average 8 year old hair styles. She also likes to mimic my styles, which is an act of bonding that I love to enjoy.

As her mother, I think she definitely would not be ready for that type of transformation. She is only 8, and she may not want to keep her hair like that for a week, month, year, etc... Also, I think it would be different if she was younger, around 3 or 4. At her age, she is still accepting herself, and her peers are still accepting her as an individual. She still has to have a lot of confidence building, and to be able to accept what life brings at her.

When she is a little older, and she thinks that she would like to have locs, and I feel as though she will be able to accept the many transformations that she will experience while blossoming as a beautiful flower, then I will let her get them.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Thoughts of hair

I am amazed of the growth that I am experiencing already. So hopefully when I get my complete SL installation my scalp will disappear sooner. Which I often wonder, how would I look with this forehead of mine. Oh lawd! we will soon find out. I am still counting down the time. It is now a little less than four weeks until the big day.

I was also thinking about talking to my consultant about dying my hair before the installation, but I think I want to hold off on coloring my hair. I normally try to keep my hair black because it is so healthy for my hair. Every now and again I get an itch and dye my hair a lighter color, the color would look great on me, but my hair would just break off and the split ends. EEK! So for the sake of healthy hair, I will keep my hair color just the way it is...

Friday, September 7, 2007

Saturday, September 1, 2007

My two locs...

My two first locs, They are here in the mist of all this hair. I guess it still kinda scary to think about those first weeks when they are freshly done. From other blogs that I have read, I hear about how some ladies are not comfortable with all the fresh scalp showing. I figure it is just part of the process, and patience is a virtue.

The Wedding will be today!

I must be a little crazy to think that I could work both my jobs and try to get things ready for the wedding. I got my 3 kids settled and they are prepared for tomorrow. Got my dress laid out, and everything crossed off on my todo list... all but one item. My freakin hair. I feel like bridezilla and I am not the one getting married. So when I live my second job in the morning, I got to find someone who can work a miracle with my mop. I hate going to regular shops because the first thing they ask me is do I want a perm. Oh no!!! I gaurantee I will find someone who will brave the task of trying to get a comb through this hair. From here on out all I can do is count down on getting my sisterlocks.

However, I was ablle to find a shop that could do my hair, but they charged me extra becuase my hair was long. GRRR! I walked in the shop at 7:30 and left at 12:00