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Friday, December 7, 2007

So Whats Your Hair Texture???

Hair texture attributes to the locking phases. Depending on the hair type, some individuals may lock within their first six months, 1st year, or well over their first year. I know it's going to take a very, very long time for my hair to lock. I can say, "I am OK with it", (for now at least). My hair has always been soft, long and wavy with a loose to medium curl to it, and I decided to keep my length while locking (saving $300 wasn't worth chopping 10 inches off my hair). Right now the ends of my sisterlocks have peas, coils, or a super man "S" at the end of them.


  • Type 1a and 1b hair is straight with no curl or wave. This hair type has a lot of shine and tends to be oily.

  • Type 2a and 2b has some soft waves but little or no curl. It tends to be coarse and stays clings to the scalp in long S shaped curves. This hair type has very little body.

  • Type 3a and 3b hair has a definite "S" pattern to it which is usually fine textured and soft. It does not have as much shine as Type 1 or 2 hair, but it does have a lot of natural body. When this hair type is wet, it straightens out, but then draws up into a curlier state as it dries.

  • Type 4 hair as kinky textured hair which he defines as being tightly curled. Type 4 hair can be wiry and very fragile. It is also drier than other hair types because the twists in the hair make it harder for the scalp's sebum to reach the ends. Type 4a's hair strand has an "S" shape like spirals. Type 4b has the characteristics of Type 4a, but the hair strand has a zig zag shape like "Z".

I am going to assume that my hair is either a 3a or 3b. My hair has the "S" shape characteristics, and has a WWWWWWHHHHHHHOOOOLLLLLEEEE LOT OF SHRINKAGE when dry. So what's your hair texture?


Naturally Sophia said...

I think I have type 2b hair from looking at my first locking pictures with Sisterlocks. All the experiend consultants say it will be at least 18 months before one loc completely locks. And that's ok because I intend to have Sisterlocks for a very long time. Your hair is looking great, Lakia. I'm enjoying your blog too.

Lakia said...

Thanks Sophia!

S0uthernGirl said...

You know, I still haven't figured out where my hair fits in :(

I just plucked a strand of hair and looking at it, the best that I can figure is that I would fall into the 3a or 3b category (my sister would definitely be a 4)... but I don't think my hair would look like the loose hair pic you posted (hen again I haven't paid attention to my natural hair in so long I wouldn't know).

If I can get a good pic maybe I can post it on my blog and take a poll LOL.

Bombchelle said...

Great info...I think I'm a 4a even after I wash my locks, they spiral at the end. Finally, attention is being paid towards our hair having types instead of just being "black" hair.
'Chelle E

Aminacake said...

I've seen this info before and I thought I was probably a 4a, but now I think I'm somewhere between 3b-4a. I've given up with the labels because I've realized that I actually have several different textures of hair on my head... :^)

Salt-n-Pepper Diva said...

Oh I couldn't tell you!
I was like sOutherngirl and plucked a strand, my best guess would be a 3 or 4, or maybe even a 7.

What I can tell you is that my SL are extremely curly, like spiral ,bounce-back type of curl.