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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sorry I been MIA

I have been so focused on school right now. I finally got my hair tighten after 12 weeks, yes 12 weeks! I asked about coloring and my consultant said yes. I used Cherrywood by texture tones, which has no ammonia. I also highlighted a few locks with golden blonde, and left a few locks my natural color. I think I did OK. I had gone to 4 different salons, but did not trust anybody with my locks accept for Malaika's salon Dreads N Heads. But I decided to just do a home job. I'll be 10 months locked August 10th. More stuff on life and hair shortly to follow.


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

dreds, wish u were in the atl

SistaLocd said...

hey now I don't feel so bad although I accidently cut off two of my locks in half trying to unmarry a set and didnt' realize they were in the way but being that I was the cause I wasn't worried, but losing one not caused by me makes me worried. Maybe I'm overreacting? Anyhow didn't know you where in school, I must have missed that post. Anyhow I'm back in school and it is so stressful, not to mention I'm taking a class for my job as well so thats double stress anyhow it will all be worth it in the end. I wish you the best in school, take care and I can't wait to see hair updates!

Meikmeika said...

Being a full-time mother, student and employee has to be tiring. Happy that you updated and you're doing fine. Work that eye shadow girl!!

1 year is soooo close!

rmcandlelight said...

Wow your locs are amazing. I'm one month behind you. Its taking me awhile to loc though.

DJT said...

Gurl, you looking good. Those locks are thickening up nicely. I wanna see pics of your little one's braidlocks. Is she loving them?
Shoot, life is happening to me too. I can't post as often either but I think about it all the time!

Jacqueline W. said...


Your locs are LOVELY!!!!