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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Does Consultations Cost???

Does Consultations costs? Why yes...

I charge a consultation charge of $25.00 for sisterlocks, and any other type of lock for that matter. A very good and thorough consultation should take at least a minimum of an hour. As a consultant/ loctician I should help the client decide what type of locks are good for them or even if locks is a good choice for them based on their habbits, lifestyle, and self image.

The sisterlocks package includes a consultation, locking session and follow up. Some consultants choose to have all three of these combined into one lump sum. I choose to have my clients to pay the consultation up front, and then pay for the locking session. I like to have my consulting fees because what if the client feels as though locks are not what they really need. If I don't have my consulting fees up front then I loose $25.00 for my hour.

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