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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Thoughts of hair

I am amazed of the growth that I am experiencing already. So hopefully when I get my complete SL installation my scalp will disappear sooner. Which I often wonder, how would I look with this forehead of mine. Oh lawd! we will soon find out. I am still counting down the time. It is now a little less than four weeks until the big day.

I was also thinking about talking to my consultant about dying my hair before the installation, but I think I want to hold off on coloring my hair. I normally try to keep my hair black because it is so healthy for my hair. Every now and again I get an itch and dye my hair a lighter color, the color would look great on me, but my hair would just break off and the split ends. EEK! So for the sake of healthy hair, I will keep my hair color just the way it is...

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