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Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Wedding will be today!

I must be a little crazy to think that I could work both my jobs and try to get things ready for the wedding. I got my 3 kids settled and they are prepared for tomorrow. Got my dress laid out, and everything crossed off on my todo list... all but one item. My freakin hair. I feel like bridezilla and I am not the one getting married. So when I live my second job in the morning, I got to find someone who can work a miracle with my mop. I hate going to regular shops because the first thing they ask me is do I want a perm. Oh no!!! I gaurantee I will find someone who will brave the task of trying to get a comb through this hair. From here on out all I can do is count down on getting my sisterlocks.

However, I was ablle to find a shop that could do my hair, but they charged me extra becuase my hair was long. GRRR! I walked in the shop at 7:30 and left at 12:00

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