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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Crying the Flu Blues... Hair is Still Fabulous

Oh I have been so sick. I got the flu y'all. It is not easy being "mama" and being sick. My hubby made me some chicken soup (I ain't eating it!!) He thinks I been eating it, but I have been feeding it to the kids. I really don't trust his cooking and try to keep him out of my stove area as much as possible. I only allow him to microwave. HeeHee.

I can't even wash my hair, I am afraid that my symptoms will worsen. I haven't even spritz my hair... It has been a week and two days since I have last washed my hair, and that is unlike me. However, I did purchase a Knotty Boy Soap Bar to wash my hair. I can't wait until it arrives. I have heard so many good reviews about it. I will also be sure to give you my personal insight.

I am suppose to get my hair retighten on October 20th. I am looking forward to my very first retightening.

Below is a picture of my first bantu knot trial and error. I think it went great! The curls lasted a great while and are still lasting. I had to tug on them the whole day to make them come down. That morning when I first took the knots down, my hair only fell to my ear. I mean those curls were tight. I think I want to continue to be ole "plain Jane" until my hair actually locks.

I got to fight the flu before I spread it to my love ones. I don't mind getting a few co-workers sick though (just kidding) LOL

1 comment:

Khandi said...

the bantu knot out looks cute
I tired one the other day, i posted the results on my blog.
Your locs seem to be coming along nicely