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Sunday, February 10, 2008

3rd Retightenting

I had my third retigtening this past Thursday. My appointments are becomming shorter and shorter. My hair was retightened in 2 hours and 45 minutes. I had no slippage and only new growth was retightened. I haven't B&B in 6 weeks. My hair is really holding up. I love the way my new growth grows in, I love the spirals in my hair.
However, it feels like it is snowing everyday. I get extreme dry scalp in the winter. My hair was flaking all over the place. My consultant told me I can start using the Sisterlocks Moisturizer. I am going to try it, I hope it won't make my hair slip. I put absolutely nothing in my hair, this attributes to my dry scalp. Thank goodness my scalp isn't itchy. I almost got chastised for not using the sisterlocks starter shampoo. But I had explained that the starter shampoo makes my scalp itchy. It made my scalp feel as if it was on FIRE. So then it was understood why I used the Knotty Boy Soap bar. It's not a sisterlocks product, but hey it gets the job done! In my opinion it is way better than that starter stuff! (I hope the sisterlocks police don't arrest me. LOL!)

I had so much to do the day of my retightening so here are some after, after shots from my retightening. Oh yeah, I also got chastised for choping off my little antennas. I like the way they are growing in now, I don't mind them be short, they are growing in thick and healthy. Which is all that matters to me.

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