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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Blue, Blue and more Blue

So there is nothing to do on a Saturday afternoon. I am a girly girl, so I had some fun with the makeup. I call this look "Moon Walk" Enjoy!

I am always asked if these are my real eyelashes, and yup they are.


SeZ said...

All yeah that is blue Lakia, your acting up :-). Your locs look Fab. Of course I have to ask if your still using the Knotty Boy products, I love them. What about the new leave in conditioner have you tried it? Funny how a little eye shawdow makes a girls face come alive huh?

Kisha said...

I love that blue, it's so vibrant. It looks good on you too. I'm always afraid to experiment with makeup for fear of looking like a clown. (I have never learned proper application techniques) Your locks do look good, lots of body and shine. Nice.

still waters said...

hiya blue eyes I have tagged you

one love still