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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sniff Test

This is sad, but true. It is taking me longer and longer to find time to wash my hair. Especially since I'm in grad school, work 2 jobs totalling 80 hours a week, three kids, husband, house, 2 cats and a dog... Whew! Wonder if I can say that all in one breath. Every night when I go to bed and cuddle with DH, I ask him if he could sniff my hair. He keeps telling me it smells OK, I even pull my hair towards my nose just to see if it smells OK. It don't "STANK!" Thank goodness. I haven't washed my locks in about 3.5 weeks... My hair isn't itchy, or flaky, which is probably another reason why I am not pressing the issue of washing it. I only wash with the Knotty Boy Soap bar. It is the only shampoo that I am using. I also like to use the ACV once a month.

A fellow blogger wondered if I put anything in my hair. I don't... just H2O. No product = No product buildup in my locks.


Salt-n-Pepper Diva said...

all that in a day's work and you still find time to blog!
You must be a SuperWoman!

Mel said...

Thanks! I am loving them. I need to take some pictures. I've just made a few vids since I've gotten them.

(btw, I'm going to add you to my blog roll.)

Sogolocs said...

I didn't think anyone had a schedule like mine, I don't wash my hair, but every three weeks too. I always ask my husband to do a sniff test too. That is so funny. I work, I have 6 kids full-time 60 hrs. a week/ homeschool/ teach youth group, violin lessons, and internet course studies, and 3 dogs. I am enjoying the freedom, you enjoy it too.

blackstone said...

wow, i do 53 and im dead tired to do anything else! More power to you sis