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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sisterlocks Revolution... We did it B.I.G.

This weekend was the Sisterlocks Revolution, Baltimore and Beyond! I got to the event at 11:00AM and the parking lot was full... Sistah girl had to park across the street at a church. I got to see so many sisterlocked ladies that I have met over the years from past meet ups and events, and a lot of folks recognized me from my blog and website. The whole event was well coordinated. It was great seeing some of my North Carolina folks that came up to volunteered.

Sandra the "lock STAR" aint no joke!! She was styling hair left and right, it was good to see her in person, she came up from North Carolina as well.

Everone locks were fierce... whether they were 9 years old of 9 weeks old. The DMV did their thang.

I was also excited to see two of my clients at the event, and I am so glad that they have come home to sisterlocks. I got home about midnight because me and a few others kept the party going. We got to do it again next year, and do it bigger. I got one retightening to do today. Until next time...


Terez said...

Wish I could have been there. I really appreciate the pictures!

Lynneedee said...

Thanks for the photos Lakia. Looks like everyone had a fantastic time, and it's always good to see Dr Cornwall at the events.