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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Whew... Lot's and Lot's of Hair!

The above pics are right before me and my hubby went out to dinner... as you can tell, I needed a retightening. But its all good.

I have been doing a lot of sisterlocks, and I am loving every minute of it. This weekend is the Sisterlocks Revolution here in the DMV. I encourage everyone to attend if you can. I have an Ad for the Sisterlocks Revolution so hopefully I can gain more sisterlock newbies. I will post more pics of my clients soon. So look out for those, and of course I will be blogging about the Revolution.

Here is a peek of one of my clients that would normally color her gray. The beginning stages of sisterlocks are very crucial, so we are allowing the grey hair to grow in, and maybe within 6mos - 1yr I can give her the "OK" to color. For right now, we are just treating these locks like babies!

Oh... and one last thing... I rolled my hair up. This is the 3rd time that I have done that this year. I even surprised myself with the urge to do that. I am still rocking the curls, these pics are from day one, but I am rocking them going on a little over two weeks now. ENJOY!


Anonymous said...

So cute. My sisterlocks are 28 months old. I cant wait to get your length.

Tia said...

Beautiful! I can't wait until next week to start my journey! I'll be bringing lots of movies and my ipad for the process! :)

Glad you decided to go to the Revolution... I'll see you there!

dewdrop said...

Wow, your locs have thickened up quite a bit and you have a head full of hair! This was part of the reason I had to combine mine and snip off the double dragons because I had too much hair to work with. Your locs look great!