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Friday, April 13, 2012

I am a survivor.. & 13th installation

Nothing traumatic has happened to me, but I have survived school this semester. Tomorrow is the last day of class, based on my calculations my grade is 86.17 percent. I could of, would of had an A, but I forfeited 5 points, oh well... I am grateful. Below are pics of install number 13, and I have install number 14 scheduled this weekend.

Currently, I have a promotion going on which is $75.00 off the lock establishment price. This offer is good until May 1, 2012. The client does not have to have their locks install by that date, but I would at least have to do their consultation. So if you are in the DMV (DC,Maryland, Virginia) area and are looking to start your sisterlocks journey, please schedule your consultation today on the light blue link "schedule now". For all you sisterlocks wearers that know someone that may be interested please pass this information along as well. I think this may be my last promotion that I will have this year, who knows!

My red rinse in my hair is finally gone, I am contemplating on dying my hair in June, i still have some time to think about it. I always dye my hair the same color, which is Cherrywood. Maybe I will do something different, stay tuned for that.

I recently had a blog reader ask me how I manage my time? Everything I do is planned, I have a small room for wiggle room. I have to keep track of everything the kids have on their schedule along with mines. Believe it or not, the best part of my day is my commute to work. It takes me on average an 1.5 hours to get to work, and back home each day. I ride a crowded, loud, coach bus. In this time I can catch up on much needed sleep, send text messages to clients, do homework, or fiddle with my smart phone. I stay stress free by not having to worry about road rage. I have a household of 6 and we all pretty much share the responsibility of housework (less the 2 yr. old). I have a large color coded schedule for my older kids to follow. They rotate the various day to day chores. Cooking is done by myself, hubby, and daughter. Sometimes my husband and I have dinner dates or luncheons to discuss our schedules. Usually with us it is hit or miss, we both work full time jobs and we both have small business that we run independently. We make certain we have family time, and boy do we have fun when we all get together!

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tamika said...

Thanks for the response.I was just curious as to how you do it all and have time to smile! I am also in the DMV so, you know how tiring that alone can be. Thank God (& Joanne Crowell)for sisterlocks!!!