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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Officially Certified,Family Fun & 14th Installattion

If you been on the Sisterlocks Consultant Registry lately, you will see that I am now listed as a "Certified Consultant"  Yeah me!  I am so happy about now being Certified Sisterlocks Consultant.  I submitted my paperwork at the beginning of October, it has been a long wait, but it was worth it!

I have had some time off this week from doing hair, and took the kiddies to Six Flags this past Saturday.  The weather was nice and they enjoyed themselves.   I am old school, I don't  buy food in the park so I fried up some chicken, made some potato salad, chips, soda, and we had our own little picnic right outside the park.  My older two adventured the park on their own while I stayed with the little kids.  We had a ball! I can remember going to the park in my teenage years... "boy" hunting, and sometimes it feels a little funny taking my kids there as being a Mom.  Those who are from the DMV can remember when the park was Wild World, then Adventure World, and now Six Flags.  I have been going to that park since I was 4, ahhh what memories. In one of the pics below you can see my daughters Sisterlocks, she was my install number 12.  Don't worry, she is gonna have a post dedicated all to herself.

I completed my 14th lock establishment 2 weeks ago.  Pics are below:


tamika said...

I looked on your scheduling website for styling appointments to no avail. I already have a consultant, I am interested in some of the styles you present. Is it an option to come in for syle only?

Lakia said...

call me and we can discuss the style you want and appointment time. 301-653-3708. :)