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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Business is GRR-EAT!!

In my Tony the Tiger voice. I think I have been doing well these couple of months. God has truly blessed me and my business. I just can't complain. I work full time, and I am doing locks part-time. I love every bit of what I do between 9-5, and locking on the weekend and evenings. A lot of people have asked me if I would consider doing Sisterlocks (tm) full time. For now my answer is no.
(LMBO, no I do not fly helicopters). Besides, I got to do a million things at once, if not I will go crazy. Let's just say I am the QUEEN of multitasking...

Despite it all I have plenty of family time, and I am still taking Graduate courses.

Here is a snap shot of the promotion that I am currently running. I love Sisterlocks (tm), but I also do lock extensions. This is a view of the front and back of my postcard. Currently I am offering $30.00 off the first re-tightening (applies to new lock establishments) or 10% off lock extensions services. I have been running this since New Years and it ends at the end of February.

If you or someone you know wants to start their natural hair care journey... check me out Oh and by the way, more Sun Kisses are for sale on ETSY.

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