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Monday, February 20, 2012

Random updates

Going into the fifth week of the semester, so far so good. I am able to keep up and submit my assignments (Thank goodness). How was your Valentines Day??? Mine was awesome. I heard a band play, and went to a nice restaurant for dinner. LMBO, It was actually my sons 5Th grade recital. He did awesome! Then we all went out to eat at Denny's, my husband and I had our own table and we told the kids don't disturb us because we were on a date. Added bonus: Tuesday nights kids eat FREE
All in all, best Valentines Day ever. This weekend I did some lock extensions, before and after pics below. I took a lot of the before pictures, but by time I was finished I forgot all about the camera. My client was nice enough to take some after shots with his cell phone. I love to document my work, but sometimes I get so busy that the camera is the last thing on my mind.

Here is also a quick snap shot of install number 10 at her follow up. I had just freshly washed her hair and re-tightened her parameter. her locks look like the will settle in nicely, actually she comes back this weekend for her first full re-tightening.

I finally got around to completely splitting one of my locks. I had accidentally combined one of my locks (don't remember when) but this past July I began the splitting process. The combined lock was feeling so annoying everytime that I tightened my hair, it had to go.

Notice how fast my hair grows, this was only new growth from July.

DISCLAIMER: Lakia believes Sisterlocks (tm) will allow your hair to grow :)

Thanks everyone who had made special orders for Sun Kisses. If you are interested in having one especially made, send me an e-mail to Please put Sun Kisses in the subject line. I can make them with your hair color and skin toned in mind, you can even have their little T-shirts personalized. They go great in your salon, a gift to yourself or even a little lady that you have in mind... my two year old runs around with hers.

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