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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Family, Locks, and Love...

I'm not sure if you remember my Braidlocks post, but little mama decided not to keep them. However, she has continually been on her own natural journey. She is not interested in perming her hair or weaves. She loves her natural hair, and really loves just to have her hair flat ironed and curled. Every once in a while she allows me to do two strand twists. Up top is one of her infamous two strand twist styles. Her hair usually last about two weeks. I love the way that it just shrinks up and bounces back. Below are my boys are easter. My youngest son has had his hair cut since then. I will need to wait for him to get a little older. He can not stand going under the dryer or sit for a long period of time. These are comb coils, as you can see my hubby is being supportive and growing his hair out too. I love my Fam!

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