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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Family Triple Team!

Pictures can say a thousand words. I know you all know the lady in the middle. Not many may know the other two. They are Monica (far left) and Celeste (far right). Monica and Celeste have been teaching the Consultant training here in San Diego this weekend. They are awesome! I am so glad that I decided to fly out here. There has been no better place and time to take this trainee course.

Let me ask you this... Do you see any resemblence in this picture? Yes, they are all family. Big sis (Celeste) and niece (Monica). These two have been in every step with Dr. C. from the get go. There is nothing like family support.

Being a small business owner myself, one of the main things that me and my husband are incorporating is our children is that family is your biggest support. We are teaching them that encouragement is valued. And Dr. C. has a wonderful family. This week I have seen why there couldn't be Sisterlocks ™ without the "SISTER". Tomorrow is the last day of training. I am receiving loads and loads of useful information. Dr. C. has been a great help this week too!

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Butterfly Queen said...

Hi Lakia, You are one of my inspirations! I am 9mos SL'd and I'm contemplating whether I should take the SL diyer class or the Trainee Class. I live in chicago and have a sister whom lives in San Diego. I can kill two birds with one stone. Thanks for shairing you are a breathe of fresh air.