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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Checkin' In!

I am on a serious travel budget. This is my dinner every night this week. Good ole PB&J, and bannanas for breakfast! Reality has set in before I even flew out here that bills have to be paid when I get home. No need to blow unneccesary money.

I must say, training has me thinking alot about my hair, its current state, the beginning stages, and what will become of my locks in the future. I have seen all stages hairlocking this week from 20 year old locks to 20 day old locks.

I think somewhere down the line of my journey, I will cut my locks off and start again. When I started my locks I had about 14 inches of natural hair, and I never got to experience the TWA. At times I feel as though I cheated my own self. Don't get me wrong I am loving my locks, and I have always have. But I love seeing women/men starting out with such short locks and then watching them mature. You can correct me if I am wrong, but do you appreciate the experience of having your locks grow from a TWA to down your back?


dewdrop said...

I totally understand. When I was newly napptural I immediately had SLs installed, but then I cut them off because I didn't know a thing about taking care of locs, let alone being napptural. I wanted to explore styling and caring for my natural texture so I did a 2nd BC and started with a twa. It's a fun and interesting journey because it teaches you a lot about yourself. I support whatever you choose to do, just as long as you're happy. :-)

LadyButterfly said...

I completely understand wanting to start your lock journey for many reasons. I just have to stop and commend you on your discipline of not dining out and sticking to your budget! You honestly are full, not deprived, and most of all still happy. Discipline has so many rewards. In this case you can go home, and be proud of yourself for various accomplishments. Congrats on reaching your goals.

LadyButterfly said...

Wow Lakia,
Congratulations on your Sisterlocks training! I must admit that it seems when SL's are started off from a TWA it's easier to have really nice parts. Starting over is a huge decision and one that I don't regret making at all. After saying all of that, I just have to commend you on your discipline of not eating out and staying within your budget. It exemplifies discipline, maturity, and wisdom. You can be proud of yourself for so many reasons as you look back on this memorable trip. Love the pics with you, Dr. Cronwell, and her family. Your sisterlocks are absolutely gorgeous,and I truly enjoy reading your blog. I am glad to see your back blogging and that your hair is still flourishing. Take Care. May God continue to bless you! :)

Liyah nicole said...

yes for sure congrats on your new venture in SL I'll be contacting atleast for a re-tightning show some love any I started my SL from a twa i cut about 12in of natural hair off to get my install and some part of me is glad i did it that way but other parts wish i would have just spent the extra $ i have very curly hair and honestly with me starting my SL from my twa it just looks as if i have a curlyfro until it freshly tightened i think its al the same honestly unless you just want to experience a TWA i dont think your missing anything love the blog love your hair i will be in touch God bless !

dewdrop said...

To be honest, I did appreciate the experience of starting out with a twa and then two years later locking up so that now my locs are down my back. Each stage of growth is an adventure, especially when you have comparison pics. to show you how much your locs have grown.