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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2nd Retightening

Here are before and after shots of my 2nd retightening


SistaLocd said...

Your Sisterlocks are looking good!

Sez said...

So after getting your second retightening what Size locs is your favorite in appearence sense you have all three?

Lakia said...

I like the medium to large one. Even though they are considered med/large, they are still relatively small. I especially like the lock size in the front of my head. If I look at my hair corectly I believe they start larger in the back and go smaller to the top of my head and there are larger ones around my hairline.

SeZ said...

I like the apperence of the med/large ones on you two. Me and my locs specialist have decided on med in the front. Large around the hairline and in the very back. Will see how it goes.:-)
How are the vitamins working?