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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Lakia is not a vegetarian....

I guess for the last 4 years I have flipped flopped on my dietary habits. I always fall weak and can never stick to a vegetarian diet. I like to eat healthy and most people try to shun me for trying to eat healthy, but who cares what they think. The very few people who call me names like "rabbit" because I choose to eat a carrot over a cupcake, are the ones that are always asking me for health tips (guess this is dedicated to a co-worker of mine... LOL!)
Anyway, the only eating habits that I have no problem sticking to is pescetarianism. I can live life without pork and beef with no problem. My main weakness has always been fish and chicken, but I can live without chicken, just give me my fish and I am happy. DH always wants to be supported of me. He'll go to the grocery store and tries to buy food to help support my eating habits, I tell him every time, "don't worry about me, worry about the kids".

I still buy regular food for my family, except pork, and very rarely beef. I will never force my eating habits on anyone. So while they may eat spaghetti, I would eat noodles with marinara sauce.

While most people go by the normal food pyramid, my food pyramid looks like the vegetarian food pyramid but with fish.


Sez said...

I highly agree with you, eating heathly is a state of mind. Not eating bad things take a want to be slim and trim. I can not go without fish and chicken and turkey. But the more vegatables and the more water in a diet makes both your skin and hair better. So I'm with ya girl. Being a sexy "mother" feels even better.

Naturally Sophia said...

Hi Lakia- It is definitely a mind over matter thing. I stopped eating fish and dairy more recently. You can do anything you put your mind to do.

Regarding the food pyramid, the goverment produces this with help from the grain, dairy and meat industries. I would do lots of independent research because we as Americans generally intake more grains, dairy, and meat than is needed.

Also, check your states policy on checking shellfish and seafood. GA is weigh behind national standards on imported seafood. Seafood has been sold here with high mercury content and the e.coli bacteria. Just information. I support you in whatever dietary standards you have for yourself.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

im a country boy, so i eat it all, especially after livin all ovr arica, during my first post doc, i was in nigeria for 16 months, ate bush baby (what every that is) crocokidile and chimpanzie yep any who hope u dont ming me stumbling this way i followed my girl cluizel so blame her LOL

Lakia said...

Thanks for the support Sophia and Sez. I haven't totally given up the idea of being a vegetarian, I figure I'll ease into the will power to let go.