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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Lucious, Luminous, Lips

I just so happen to be at Victoria's Secret the other week and all the 75% off signs caught my attention. The very sexy make up line and other things were on sell. I have heard about "lip plumper"

"Lip Plumper is a cosmetics product used to give the lips an enhanced, fuller look. Lip Plumper is distributed as a viscous liquid applied to the lips with a roller or brush applicator. It can be translucent or have various tints, and can be worn alone or over regular lipstick.
Lip Plumpers are popular with
women due to the many perceived benefits including lip enhancement, collagen stimulation, moisturizing effect, ease of application, and pouty, sexy look they help to give the lips. For many women, Lip Plumper is used as a regular part of their daily make-up regimen and applied often throughout the day. Leading cosmetic companies and specialty Lip Plumper manufacturers also make their plumpers into lip glosses for high-end consumers."

Well I naturally have large lips (Thanks to Dad). I love every minute of my lips, in fact I think it is one of my favorite features. I always perceived large lips as apart of beauty. When I was younger some kids used to teased me about my lips, but I never let that break down my self esteem, I just embraced my lips and kept on moving, (of course I tripped their little asses up every chance I could) LOL! Still can't figure out why every since Angelina Jolie came onto the seen with her lips, that now large lips are consider a sign of beauty.... full lips have always been beautiful!

I can't believe people some people actually pay to get a needle stuck in their lips to make them fuller.

Anyway, I was curious to try this lip plumper to see if it actually works. So I bought two bottles of the stuff. I purchased "undressed" and " baby pink". Personally I don't think even a slap in the mouth can make my lips any larger, but man oh man I like the little tingling feeling that it gives my lips. Also the colors that I bought are so beautiful, I mean gorgeous. Here is my product review:

Victoria Secrect's line of Lip Plumpers are great. The colors are fabulous and the shine that it leaves on your lips are to dye for! If you want a great lip gloss then buy their Lip Plumper, but if you want fuller lips... just slap yourself in the mouth. LMAO


Amba said...

:) :) :). Think I'll go and check the VS glosses out, especially if they do a great moisturizing job too.

Salt-n-Pepper Diva said...

You are so silly.....slap yourself in the mouth!
The color looks great, but I think that The Great Creator has Blessed us with luscious, full and kissable lips even with Vaseline on!

Meikmeika said...

LOL!!! I was wondering the same thing about all the collagen lip injections I'm seeing on TV these days. The worst part is you can tell when someone has had the procedure done. Thankfully full lips run in my family... can't say the same for the booty though..sigh...hehehe!

eyedinity said...

I agree with salt-n- pepper, I got lips from mom and dad for free, no injections needed and I LOVE them. Most ethnic people already have plump lips which brings me to this radio show here in Chicago called the Micheal Baisden show where I think Friday they were talking about Ethnic people are now gettting plastic surgery to take away their ethnic characteristics i.e. fuller hips, buttocks, fuller noses, lips and so forth when non-ethnic people get the same surgery to add these things. I didn't tune in to the whole show but just thought I'd mention it since it came to mind when reading your post. What do you think? Sorry the post is so long. Take Care Lakia,

Lakia said...

We can get the Michael Baisden show here to... that guy is hilarious. I missed that broadcast though. I love my full lips, and I would never do anything surgicallly to change them. Over the years and with age I have learned to embrace every part of me. I have seen pictures of some black entertainers who have opted to have plastic surgery. I see the before and after pictures and I am like why did they have surgery?

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

vicky secrets huh, Yum...nice blog and let me know what u think about this one folk. chk out my post about the King THANK WE FREE