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Friday, January 25, 2008

Unruly Hair...Still in love with my sisterlocks

My free styling continues to be unleashed. I have been wearing a headband all week, and some of my smaller locks sticks up like little antennas. I have been trying to control them, but they have been doing their own thing. I am kind of excited that my hair does not want to play fair. It is just telling me that I am locking up nicely. This week I am going to wash my hair without braiding and banding(B&B) . My consultant wanted me not to B&B just to see how my hair will react. I have had some minor slippage, but I have never experienced a lock coming completely out. My hair is feeling on the rough side (thanks Knotty Boy Soap). I am getting more and more small balls at the ends of my hair, it almost seems like their doubling in number.

The following pictures I took right before heading to church. I am a little tired because I just finished working 12 hours at my second job. Also I have a texture shot of the back of my head. Enjoy!!


Naturally Sophia said...

I think it's looking good. Honestly after the 2nd wash, I stpped banding. Maybe that's why my hair still isn't locked. Shh! Don't tell my consultants.

DJT said...


I would be careful with not B&B'ing at this point because the first time I did it after like 4-5 months, I can't really remember exactly how long but I had my SL's for a while and I know I have a post about it somewhere, anyhoo my hair slipped like hair is alot kinkier than yours too....I even had some bunching too....I would wait really. But good luck and let us hope how you make out.

Wendi aka "Wendosa" said...

Looking good girl. Getting ready to use my knotty boy bar tomorrow. Looks like you are coming along nicely. Keep posting, it's so inspiring.

Lakia said...

Thanks Gals,

I did wash without b&B this weekend, my hair did great with no issues. Usually my hair would get so intertwined with other locks at the root, but they didn't this time around. Also when I wash my hair I let the water trinkle down and I sqeeze my hair. I also did an ACV rinse. I'll blog about it sometime this week.

Meikmeika said...

Your locks look amazing, as usual and the unruly ones give you character. Matter fact, I don't feel right if I don't have one sticking in an odd direction...LOL!