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Thursday, January 31, 2008

So This Is What The World Looks Like...

I lost my glasses back in August 07. Normally I would wear them when needed or just to make a fashion statement. Well, life without them has been miserable. I finally got my eyes checked after two years and ordered a new pair of glasses. As an accountant, I work with numbers all day long. Spread sheets began to look a little fuzzy and sometimes I couldn't figure out if that was a "1" or a "7". I never want to part with my glasses again. These spectacles also cost me a fortune, these bad boys better tap dance and read the books for me. LOL!

1 comment:

Meikmeika said...

Those glasses are chic and look perfect on your face.

Even though I had LASIK I miss glasses soooo much. I think I'm gonna buy a non-prescription pair.LOL!!!