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Friday, October 19, 2007

Second wash

For the first wash I braided my hair in about 6-8 braids, and banded them together. To band them I had used the rubber bands in my starter kit. I knew that for my second wash I desperately needed a new routine. So I braided and banded my hair it four large braids and I was determined not to use those pesky rubber bands ever again. I can't think of the proper name of the bands I used on my head, but you can see below.

Also, I used my treseme shampoo on my scalp, and used the sisterlock starter shampoo on the braids. Cause the first time I used the sisterlock shampoo, my scalp was so itchy. Less itch now. The treseme that I used is a clarifying shampoo, nice and clear to remove residue and build up.


Ms Stella said...

Looks great after the first wash. I never used those little rubber bands. I've heard that the miniture soft scrunchies work well. I can't see what you ended up using in your picture but it had to be better than the little rubber bands!

Lakia said...

I used the soft small scrunchies at the end of my hair. I could not think of the name of those things.

Brandi said...

So do you still use the same items to wash your hair with? Also after you wash is it better to air dye or use the blow dyer?