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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I had my first hair check up

My consultant said that my hair is doing very well!! No slippage!! She was even more surprised to hear that I had already washed my hair twice since being locked. I am seeing if I can make it a full two weeks without washing my hair. My scalp isn't as itchy since I tried my sisterlock starter / Treseme experiment. Now that worked great.

I recounted my locks again this week, I have 378 +/- and not 315 +/- locks, when I counted them the first time I wrote down how many were in each bundle, I guess I forgot to record a bundle. OOPS!

I also got to see my consultant in action retightening one of her clients. The client wasn't fully locked, she might have been settled. It's amazing to see how each sisterlocked sisters hair textures reacts differently to the sisterlocks. For instance my hair is naturally wavy/curly so that is exactly what my hair is doing now even with the sisterlocks.

My weekend was so relaxing. The family was gone. They went to South Carolina for the Family Reunion. I wanted to go so bad this year, and would have gone too. We normally leave to go in the evening, well at the last minute they decided to depart in the morning. My husband never told me of the schedule changes, so I had already taken off the weekend for my second job, but was still scheduled to come into work at my first job, see my dilemma... I thought I was going to party all weekend, but I needed a relaxing atmosphere and there is no place like home.

I got done some needed fall cleaning, and even took the cats a bath. Per the previous post, did you guess what I did, the very thing us Marylanders love to enjoy...CRABS. Saturday I got a half bushel of crabs and they were yummy! I watched some movies and stayed in the bed.

I just feel so refreshed!


Naturally Sophia said...

I love seafood. Crabs are among my fav. Looks good!

TwoIslandsGirl said...

Hey Lady! Your hair is looking great. I absolutely love crabs! I was wondering if you would be willing to share your favorite Baltimore crab spot with me. My husband usually gets them from the wharf in DC and he doesn't mind the commute, but it would be nice to have some other places in mind. Feel free to email me at if you prefer.