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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Saying Goodbye

I have virtually 4 days left before my sisterlocks installation. I have decided to rummage through what I call my "hair box".

My hair box is filled with all types of hair oils, carrot oils, vitamin E oils, tea tree oils, olive oils all natural herbal oils, just about ever type of oil that I could find in the beauty supply store, I needed these so that I could wear my hair naturally curly longer without having to wash my hair everyday. My hair tends to dry easily, my hair will matt-up with a quickness!

I also have thousands of rollers for when I blow my hair out. Flexi rollers, and a million metal clamps. I have a lot of setting lotions, and blue magic grease, ya know, the dollar store grease. I grew up using this stuff and I now use it on my daughters head.

I have done my research, I know that I can not use petroleum, pomade's, or mineral oil on my locks, which will cause them to unravel. I have been doing a lot of sisterlocks homework!

Most of this stuff will be donated to my daughter for her hair and to her beloved dolls. It is a good and charitable cause.


dewdrop said...

Funny enough, I still have my hair box but it contains fewer items. Whatever you don't need, throw it out and don't think twice about it ;-p

Renea said...

Keep your blow dryer, flexible rod rollers, setting lotion and curling irons. You'll probably use your blow dryer during the colder months and once your locks settle a bit you may want to use your rod rollers and even the curling iron (occasionally).
I don't use mineral oil, petroleum, wax (paraffin) products either. Mousse is good too.