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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mahogany or black (part two)

Well needless to say, I did not dye my hair before getting my locks. I just could not decide for the life of me. Anywho, I am loving my hair. I am not styling it per se, mostly I have it free styled or I would put the top half in a loose ponytail and leave the bottom half hanging out. I spritz my hair every morning with water. I have three spritzing bottles, which thus far I have found this to be very helpful.

1. bottle with water and an essential oil.
2. bottle with plain water
3. bottle with water and Witch Hazel.

All in all, I try to keep my hair clean.

The ends of my hair are so curly, but I can see some of the curls drawing up and getting a little tighter. My hair is also very elastic, its only hitting my shoulder right now. But when I pull one of my babies straight, then it hits my bra line (there's all that length, I've been looking for you.) Actually I like the fact that it looks shorter, less hair to worry about right now.

No slippage ladies!! Hooray for me. I am suppose to see my consultant in a week. She wants to just check and see how my hair is holding up. I have to send her some pics, I also want to direct her to my blog.

More pictures to come. I bought me some new earrings to compliment my hair... thinking I'm all cute. Hee Hee.

The hubby is still loving the hair. He keep saying that he is going to grow some locks, but that's not the first time I heard that from him. Just got to wait and see.

Week one has been great. My big sis is dying to see my hair, so is my mom. I will try to make it over both of their houses this weekend. I just been so busy.


Jhac26 said...

Your locs look great. OMG you have sooooo much hair... and I thought my 18 hrs was a marathon!!

My hubby has been saying he wants locs too, in fact he told my consultant, during my initial consultation, that he was sure that he'd see her before I would... ha ha... jokes on him, I was in her chair within two months and he is still...BALD.

Anywho, I told him that if he decides to go through with it, I'll learn to maintain his locs. However, locing is a practice in patience... let's just say I'll be real suprised.

Linda said...

Congratulations on joining the family. I can honestly say that you won't ever regret it. Your hair is lovely!!! You had the "master" install session with 24 hours!! It will be well worth it as you have already discovered!! I look forward to following your progress via your blog.

Brandi said...

I love your blog I will say it again being a mother and trying to stay sexy with the hair is a job. I love your locs and your moving into a style of your own. Do you use the dread oil for shine or is it o.k. to use any spraying oil on locs?